Custom Bait Molds

Made in the USA
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We’d love to talk with you about your ideas for a

Custom Designed and Machined Aluminum Bait Mold.


Custom Designed and Machined Lead Jig Mold.

(sometimes Facebook & Instagram messaging is just too much, if I don't respond please give me a call)


Before you call, here are a few things to consider:

The more “small” details, the more your mold will cost.
More cavities = higher cost.
The larger the mold, the higher the cost.
Creatures and Ringworms tend to cost more.

We won’t “knockoff” or copy other baits. We only do custom designs.

We speak English only.
We are NOT in the Ukraine.
We’re located in Flora, Mississippi.
We’ve used Haas CNC equipment since 2001.

Our Minimum charge is $350 for custom soft plastic bait molds.
Our Minimum charge is $250 for custom Jig Molds.

Your Custom
“Original Design” Mold cost is based on:
CAD charge + Machining time + Aluminum cost + Shipping

Something we do that others don’t…

We promise to NEVER reproduce your mold for anyone except for YOU.
We do not charge for the proprietary and confidential treatment of YOUR mold.

Additional molds of the same design will only be charged for
Machine time, Materials and Shipping. No CAD cost.

We use a free 3D CAD online viewer to show you the
preliminary design and any revisions that may be needed.

It’s VERY cool: rotate, zoom in, really see what your bait will look like!
and there is no software to download.

Once you approve the design, “Chips Will Fly”
and your mold will be machined and sent ASAP.

We accept PayPal, Venmo and Zelle.

Completed Molds ship via USPS Priority Mail; delivery is usually 2 to 3 days.

We think that we have the very best process for you to get your very own
reasonably priced highest quality custom bait mold in a timely manner

I look forward to working hard for you to make your idea come to reality.

Ross B. Harjes


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